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Marijuana v. Hemp

On June 19, 2019 an Austin County jury returned a verdict of “not guilty” for my client on what may be the last trial for possession of marijuana in the …

Not Guilty!! POM Austin County

On Wednesday, June 19th, we heard the sweet sound of a two-word verdict from an Austin County jury.   Our client was driving a car with four companions when it was …

Fighting for the Rights of Texans

Since 1995, I have served the people of Texas with integrity, honor, and commitment. I understand that most of you are not familiar with the legal system and under a lot of stress. I am there to lift that burden and protect your rights. I have battled insurance companies and prosecutors for decades and will continue to fight for justice for many more years to come. Please call me at 979.968.3783 and I will be happy to meet with you and evaluate your case.