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About Misdemeanors and Felonies in Texas

In Texas, crimes are classified as either misdemeanors or felonies. Each type of crime has its own specific penalties, with consequences ranging from small fines to several years in prison. …

  • Posted on: Jul 23 2018
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An Overview of Assault in Texas

In Texas, an individual may be charged with either felony or misdemeanor assault. An assault occurs when:     An individual recklessly or intentionally causes an injury or physical harm to …

  • Posted on: Jul 17 2018
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Texas Vehicle Rollovers: The Basics

An automobile rollover is a specific type of automobile crash in which a car, truck, or another type of vehicle tips over and ends up on its roof or side. …

  • Posted on: Jun 25 2018
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An Overview of DWI in Texas

In Texas, a driving while intoxicated (DWI) conviction carries serious legal consequences. In order to be convicted of a DWI in Texas, one of the following must be demonstrated:   …

  • Posted on: Jun 20 2018
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About Texas Construction Accidents

Careers in the construction industry can quite rewarding. However, they can also be dangerous. In fact, it has been estimated that approximately 10% of all workplace injuries occur on construction …

  • Posted on: May 28 2018
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Fender Benders Can Cause Injuries Too

Why You Should Always Get A Medical Check-up After A Car Accident Most of us have been well-trained to stop and exchange insurance information with the other driver after a …

  • Posted on: Apr 9 2018
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In Focus: Common Causes of Car Accidents

All drivers in Texas have a duty of care to operate their vehicles safely and avoid causing injuries to others. Nonetheless, thousands of individuals are injured in car accidents in …

  • Posted on: Apr 2 2018
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Fighting for the Rights of Texans

Since 1995, I have served the people of Texas with integrity, honor, and commitment. I understand that most of you are not familiar with the legal system and under a lot of stress. I am there to lift that burden and protect your rights. I have battled insurance companies and prosecutors for decades and will continue to fight for justice for many more years to come. Please call me at 979.968.3783 and I will be happy to meet with you and evaluate your case.