About Phil

The Short Version:

Born . . . School . . . Mower . . . Landscaper . . . Musician . . . Framer . . . Roofer . . . Plumber . . . Junior College . . . Cowboy . . . Roustabout . . . Boilermaker . . . University of Texas . . . Pipefitter . . . Rigger . . . Operator . . . Law School . . . Married . . . Father . . . Attorney . . . Entrepreneur . . . Rancher…

Wow! I’ve done a lot of stuff over the past 50+ years.

The Who, What, Why, When and Where Version:

In 1995, I established Phil Baker, P.C., a law firm dedicated to defending those accused of DWI and other criminal charges in Houston, Texas.  After representing thousands of clients in the big city of Houston, I moved my practice to the small town of Bellville in 2000 and became a country lawyer.  Currently, I have offices located in the cities of Austin and La Grange.  I maintain an Austin office because of its central location and the La Grange office because it is near my home and ranch in Fayetteville. 

My Story:

I grew up in Crosby, Texas a small town in east Texas with a life that was completely void of the law, lawyers, or law firms.

Growing up I wanted to be a fighter pilot for the Navy.  I built and flew my first airplane out of a cardboard box at the age of six.  While in High School, I started taking flying lessons–paying for them with the money I earned mowing yards.  Upon graduation from High School, I was not accepted into the Naval Academy so I went to California to “figure things out.”  I supported myself for two years working as a framer, plumber and roofer.

The College Years:

Returning to Texas, I attended Lee College and continued to work construction in the refineries along the Houston ship channel.  First, as a boilermaker and later as a pipefitter.  After earning my associates degree I continued to work in the refineries and as a musician playing the fiddle and the guitar in local honky-tonks, beer joints and VFW halls.

Eventually, I found myself moving to Austin and attending the University of Texas.  I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Economics but returned to the refineries after graduation.  I worked as a pipefitter, rigger and operator at the Exxon Refinery in Baytown.

Racehorse Haynes:

Along the way I met and came to know the legendary attorney, Richard “Racehorse” Haynes.  I played music with Racehorse and his friends on many occasions and spent time with him aboard his beautiful sailboat “Integrity.”  Before becoming an attorney, Racehorse was a Marine in WWII and a golden gloves boxer.  He attended college and law school at the University of Houston on the GI bill.  He was always on the side of the underdog and he hated bullies — especially if the bully was the government or a large corporation.  

Inspired by Racehorse Haynes, I discovered what I wanted to do with my life–become a lawyer and help regular people fight back against any abuse of power.  After working as a roustabout in the oilfields on the front range of Colorado and as a cowboy in the feedlots of Eastern Kansas, I finally returned home and attended South Texas College of Law.

Law School Years:

I completed law school in the minimum amount of time allowed — just 27 months!  Along the way I clerked for many great trial attorneys; Rex Harris, Judge Mike O’Brien and the legendary plaintiff’s attorney John O’Quinn. In 1995, I graduated from law school, passed the bar, got married, quit my job and started the law firm of Phil Baker, P.C..  Ever since then, I have been helping ordinary people get their lives back on track following an arrest and defending them against the power of our government. 


Today, I enjoy the benefits of decades of hard work and dedication towards my clients.  I have watched my daughter grow into a beautiful young lady, graduate from college and is now “living the dream” in Hawaii. My wife Lisa and I get up early every morning and go to work together.  She makes sure that I am prepared for whatever hearing or trial I have scheduled for that day.  I am fortunate in being able to fly myself to work across the State and the country in our beautiful Beechcraft Bonanza we affectionately call Beaux-Beaux.  In the evenings we relax on our property in Fayetteville where we raise registered Texas Longhorns.  And yes, occasionally I still play a tune on the fiddle.


Fighting for the Rights of Texans

Since 1995, I have served the people of Texas with integrity, honor, and commitment. I understand that most of you are not familiar with the legal system and under a lot of stress. I am there to lift that burden and protect your rights. I have battled insurance companies and prosecutors for decades and will continue to fight for justice for many more years to come. Please call me at 979.968.3783 and I will be happy to meet with you and evaluate your case.